Sometime I wish I could just disappear

May 7 – June 18, 2011

Opening Friday May 6. 17.00 – 20.00

Hurvin Anderson - Anna Bjerger - Patrick Caulfield
Dexter Dalwood - Des Hughes - Henry Krokatsis - Jenny Källman - David Raymond Conroy - Norbert Schwontkowski

David Risley Gallery is proud to present a group show, Sometimes I wish I could just disappear.

The exhibition presents images of mirrors in a variety of media. Images of mirrors, rather than images of reflections. The mirror is the invisible protagonist in art history. Every painted self-portrait is really a painting of a mirror. This is an exhibition of images of mirrors with the viewer missing, in a room surrounded by images of mirrors the viewer becomes absent, invisible, a vampire.

Mirrors have long carried symbolic meaning, with strong associations to religion, cosmology, vanity, beauty, sex, death, magic and science.

Why do artists choose to represent mirrors? Is it an attempt to portray nothing, an image of nothing. A perfect image. Potential?

The mirrors represented here are not for self-contemplation, they are surrogates for the image - stand-ins for the ideal image. They provide the possibility to make an image of an image. A blank. A void. These are mirrors to look at, not into. The artist is not present here, nor the viewer. Mirrors to reflect on. Surface. Object. Painting.

In an interview between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Gerhard Richter, regarding his mirror works, Richter says -

‘...perhaps somewhere there is an allusion to the fact that every picture is a mirror.