Painting without Paint

December 8, 2012 – January 26, 2013

Frank Ammerlaan (NL), Steve Bishop (UK), Boyle Family (UK), Michal Budny (Pl), Dan Colen (US), Alex Da Corte (US), Graham Dolphin (UK), Jürgen Drescher (DE), FOS (DK), Damien Hirst (UK), Henry Krokatsis (UK), Allan McCollum (US), Eline McGeorge (NO), Elizabeth Newman (AU), Magali Reus (NL), Anselm Reyle (DE), Torben Ribe (DK), Troels Sandegård (DK), Amikam Toren (UK), Keith Tyson (UK), Klaus Weber (DE), Mette Winckelmann (DK)

What makes a painting a painting? Paint? Canvas? A frame?
This show presents works by 22 international artists that look and act like paintings. They are paintings, without paint. There are works made of mercury, t-shirts, shampoo, flies, tar and feathers, condensation, fabric, mirrors, salt, vegetable dye, broken glass, aluminium, chemicals, newspaper, 24-carat gold, fabric, pills, emergency blankets, wood, broken glass ... but no paint. The show asks what defines a painting? All of these things make paintings, but how? Where are the boundaries and what do we think the rules are?