Charlie Roberts

Let Your Mayne Hang

October 8 – November 19, 2010

"I seen some bad bitches before, but these sisters they are twisted like a twisty cone,
and I've been scared of the witches you know, but this some pagan mountain god shit, colder than snow,
They got the Magic powers you motherfuckers scared about, this ain’t no Harry Potter,
this is stones when they tumble down, got you teeth jacking jumping hopping all the fuck around,
these bitches hit like Thor's hammer better bow the fuck down."
from "Let your Mayne Hang" by Mayne and Tale
The exhibition of paintings and sculpture centres around a music video made by Charlie Roberts for his Norwegian female hip-hop band Mayne and Tale. Charlie Roberts is a polymath, a cultural magpie. His various endeavours cross pollinate, building myths amongst themselves. Born in the USA, educated in Canada and living in Norway, Roberts' works borrow from art-historical and pop cultural sources. His cramped paintings display the perspectival complexity of ancient Egyptian and Byzantine painting. The contents are stacked one above the other, showing different views simultaneously. They bring to mind Hockney's early paintings and photo collages. Cubism and comic books. The paintings subject matter is at odds with the delicacy of the medium - watercolour on paper, over a painted pink ground which unifies the overall image and brings harmonious tonal order to the chaotic scenarios. The show will also feature sculptures roughly carved from chunks of local trees and painted, sitting somewhere between tribal objects, folk art and pop-cultural figures. Charlie Roberts has exhibited his work widely, including exhibitions at Richard Heller gallery, LA, Kravets/Wehby, NYC, Vous et Ici, Amsterdam and Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort. This show will feature new works made during a residency held at Krogerup Højskole, Humlebæk.