Charlie Woolley

Charlie Wooley, born 1981 in London, UK, lives and works in London, UK.


The singularity of Charlie Woolley’s work comes in the form of its insistence on dialogue and communication. His work is never a statement. It is always a conversation.This is most evident in his ongoing Radio Show works. An ongoing series of Radio based events which adapt to their setting and context. These often involve Woolley hosting a radio show with guests, music, interviews, live bands and plays. He also invites organisations and artists to take over the show and run their own programme within his. Woolley makes other works in a diverse range of materials. Collage, photographs, performance, banners and flags, musical instruments. He investigates the relationship between countercultural objects and imagery and their subsequent commodification. Woolley’s images and objects rest somewhere in-between these precarious states, exposing the appropriation and redistribution of subcultures by the mass market. 


He received his BA in Fine Art at London Guildhall University (2004) and his MA in Contemporary Art Theory, Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths (2012).


Selected exhibitions include Lone Soul Road, Plymouth Arts center, Plymouth, UK (2014); Corporate Rock Still Sucks, (solo show) David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, DK (2013); A Small Hiccup, Touring Group Show, Grand Union Birmingham, The Newbridge Project Newcastle, Limoncello London (2013); Postscript (P. S. I Love You), Solo Show, Almanac Projects, London (2013), We Have Our Own Concept of Time and Motion, Auto Italia South East, London (2011) All Cut Up Group Show, Roebling Hall Gallery, New York (2009).


His works are in the collection of Kostyal (UK) and Zabludowicz Collection (UK).